Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here you go, Mars

Honestly, I don't understand myself for doing pretty much nothing these days when in fact, I really need to finish a lot of stuff for the finals week. I have a presentation tomorrow that I haven't even started working on, I have a documentary to make which I have to pass by the end of the month, and a few requirements to complete. To top it all off, I think I have to repeat Chemistry next semester simply because I suck at the freakin' subject.

ANYWAY, let me just rant some more before I start working.

ANDREW GARCIA is getting unfair treatment from the American Idol judges. I'm starting to hate all four of them for being so darn lame. Andrew is one of the most talented in that bunch, but because they can't get over one song (Paula Abdul's Straight Up), they haven't stopped giving him crap during judging. I swear, if he leaves American Idol sooner than he deserves, I'm going to boycott the whole damn show. He's the only reason I watch it anyway -- for some reason, this season sucks.

So that's about everything I want to say right now. Back to work. #TeamAndrewGarcia

Sunday, January 3, 2010

for the new year

I have just one resolution for the new year because if I make too many, I'm pretty sure I'm bound to forget some and ignore the others. So I have just one -- lose weight. Yes, you read it right. I am losing weight this year. And it's not because I don't love myself or I have low self-esteem or whatever. Everyone knows I embrace my figure with a smile. However, considering the lifestyle I have and the medical history our family has, it's about time I start caring about my health. Being overweight obviously does not help that cause. And so, I have decided to hit the gym, hire a nutritionist (who accepts friendship as payment, in short, Irish) and avoid sweets, dairy and junk food starting tomorrow. I am determined to do this. *talking to self* You can do it, Anna!