Wednesday, September 10, 2008

helmet shmelmet

I am so pissed.

My Mom called me frantically last night, telling me to leave the motorcycle at her office because one of her employees got caught driving his motorcycle without a helmet. And no matter how much I explained to her that the checkpoint was at the provincial hospital area -- a road I NEVER take going home, she wouldn't let me drive. Grrr.

What is even more irritating than the fact that all drivers now have to wear helmets, is that no one told us we were supposed to. My Mom said it's a new regional policy. Well, whatever. They should've informed everyone about the policy before imposing it.

Nobody in Dumaguete likes to wear helmets anyway. I mean, the university couldn't even make the students wear them, how much more the government? If I know... the cops are just trying to milk innocent people of their money. Why don't they just focus on the criminals and stop perstering everyone else?

Now my Mom wants me to wear a helmet everytime I drive. Ugh, NO EFFIN WAY! I'd rather ride the pedicab than drive around looking like a power ranger. EEEW.

Hmpf. >=/

Monday, September 1, 2008

now you want a second chance? f*ck you.

I just received five emails (all containing the same message) from a friend's ex. I wanted to delete them right away, considering there was no way in hell I was going to let my friend go near him again, but part of me wanted to know what the bastard had to say. And allow me to respond in this blog - coz I don't want to see him, or talk to him AT ALL.

I don’t know where to start and how to explain what happened to me and Sarah…. but right now what’s left is my conscience and I want to tell the truth about how I hurt her. It was all my fault…everything was my fault…. nobody to blame but ME.

--Damn right you ass, it was your fault! And you have a conscience pa pala? Sarah was crying her eyes out for you, tangina.

I cheated on Sarah these past 3 weeks when we were having problems in our relationship…I thought cheating and lying to her will make things right but I was wrong…totally wrong…

-- You were having problems and you thought cheating would make things right? STUPID.

It hurts when you lose someone important in your life…especially when you realize at the end that, that someone was there for you through ups and downs in your life, especially in the worst situations and Sarah was there for me.

-- You don't deserve her!!! Serves you right to be miserable. You liar, cheater!

All I want is a chance to correct the mistakes and the mess I’ve made... .A chance to show to Sarah what I feel right now….I love her so much….she’s all I got right now… I do pray and hope that God will give me that chance. I regret the things that I’ve done to her. All I ask from everybody is a chance to make Sarah happy again… I do hope and pray that you will forgive me and give me a chance to have Sarah back… I badly need this second chance…

-- You've had so many chances already and you blew it. You don't deserve Sarah... and I will do everything in my power to let her stay away from you. I'm sorry but I'm not allowing you to hurt her again, the way you did when you cheated on her... several times! SHAME. Eat shit you jerk!

There. I'm ok now. I hate assholes.