Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've never been this angry!

At two am, I was tossing and turning in bed. I wanted to scream so loud and just cry so hard. The turn of events had been unexpected -- and little did I know that in one fleeting moment, relationships could be destroyed. I'd like to think the conflicts were all brought about by simple misunderstandings. But something tells me that someone was bound to destroy everything.

And to that someone, I hope you're happy now. You're the most selfish person I have ever met! You're not even involved in the issue, but just coz you wanted attention, you squeezed yourself in. Because of your ka-igat, the two of them fought. Do you think we're happy with what you did last saturday? WE ALL HATED YOU! That's why I didn't tell you I was still here, because I didn't want to see you. That's why C**** didn't text you either. And we thought you'd realize your mistake, but did you? NO. You made things even worse.

Then what did you do last night, huh? You showed up again, drunk! Do you think you're helping us by doing the things you did? NO. I'm pretty sure you just wanted to be "in" on the action that's why you showed yourself last night. And you even turned R*** against us. YOU BITCH. I feel so sorry for you, you pretentious user! And what did you get out of it, huh? Did you get to KISS him? I'm sure you wanted to.

You know there are only a few people who know the REAL you. And what I don't understand is, why you hurt these people. Do you think we're always going to accept you with open arms? We have our limits. You have your limits. I shouldn't have trusted in you again. I shouldn't have befriended you again the first time we fought. I KNEW IT. You're never going to change. You will forever be dictated by your horny-ness.

We both know you're already destroying your image in once certain community. And now, you're pushing your friends away, too. I just wonder where you're going to end up. If you'll ever have real friends. Tsk. Tsk.

I know you're going to read this entry. I hope you die in that closet you're in.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Because I have nothing else to write about

Obviously, it's been a long time since I've updated this blog. Screw my promise to be an active blogger... I've been too lazy lately, and I can't think of anything decent to write about.

Then there's this --

I'm at a point in my life where I have to make an important life-changing decision. I've had an entire semester to think about it, but I've dodged the thought ceaselessly and allowed myself to live each day without thinking about anything else - not the past, and most definitely not the future. I conditioned myself to think that my mind's made up, that there's no use mulling over things because there are simply no other options. But lo and behold (as if I didn't expect it already), I am left with questions and doubts.

I just came back from Manila, where I had one of the most memorable vacations I have had ever. Not only did I discover more about my family - secrets I never thought could be hidden from me for so long - but I also was able to discover more of myself.

I've messed up over and over again - and I can't seem to stop. I'm too dependent on my parents to bail me out when things are too much for me to handle. And I turn to my friends for shelter, to make me feel that I'm still worth something, at least to them. And when I'm all alone, I do everything to preoccupy myself - to take my mind off the problems that beg for solutions. It's been the same effin cycle for years. And I'm tired. My parents are tired, too. I need to take charge of my life, one way or another.

Maybe I'll go back to school. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll stay in Dumaguete, solve my problems and be done with them. Or maybe I'll start over some place else - away from people who know how much baggage I have, away from expectations that only lead to disappointments. Maybe I need to stay with the people who understand me, and just maybe, I won't find them where I am right now. Maybe I can do something to make my parents proud. But what could that be? I don't know. I'm dying to know.

So many things are running through my mind. People around me are telling me different things. But how much can I trust them? I know the final decision is up to me. But how much do I trust myself? I'm not exactly the most mature person I know. Who else can I turn to? 'God,' Odie would say. Maybe.

Reflection time. Again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

helmet shmelmet

I am so pissed.

My Mom called me frantically last night, telling me to leave the motorcycle at her office because one of her employees got caught driving his motorcycle without a helmet. And no matter how much I explained to her that the checkpoint was at the provincial hospital area -- a road I NEVER take going home, she wouldn't let me drive. Grrr.

What is even more irritating than the fact that all drivers now have to wear helmets, is that no one told us we were supposed to. My Mom said it's a new regional policy. Well, whatever. They should've informed everyone about the policy before imposing it.

Nobody in Dumaguete likes to wear helmets anyway. I mean, the university couldn't even make the students wear them, how much more the government? If I know... the cops are just trying to milk innocent people of their money. Why don't they just focus on the criminals and stop perstering everyone else?

Now my Mom wants me to wear a helmet everytime I drive. Ugh, NO EFFIN WAY! I'd rather ride the pedicab than drive around looking like a power ranger. EEEW.

Hmpf. >=/

Monday, September 1, 2008

now you want a second chance? f*ck you.

I just received five emails (all containing the same message) from a friend's ex. I wanted to delete them right away, considering there was no way in hell I was going to let my friend go near him again, but part of me wanted to know what the bastard had to say. And allow me to respond in this blog - coz I don't want to see him, or talk to him AT ALL.

I don’t know where to start and how to explain what happened to me and Sarah…. but right now what’s left is my conscience and I want to tell the truth about how I hurt her. It was all my fault…everything was my fault…. nobody to blame but ME.

--Damn right you ass, it was your fault! And you have a conscience pa pala? Sarah was crying her eyes out for you, tangina.

I cheated on Sarah these past 3 weeks when we were having problems in our relationship…I thought cheating and lying to her will make things right but I was wrong…totally wrong…

-- You were having problems and you thought cheating would make things right? STUPID.

It hurts when you lose someone important in your life…especially when you realize at the end that, that someone was there for you through ups and downs in your life, especially in the worst situations and Sarah was there for me.

-- You don't deserve her!!! Serves you right to be miserable. You liar, cheater!

All I want is a chance to correct the mistakes and the mess I’ve made... .A chance to show to Sarah what I feel right now….I love her so much….she’s all I got right now… I do pray and hope that God will give me that chance. I regret the things that I’ve done to her. All I ask from everybody is a chance to make Sarah happy again… I do hope and pray that you will forgive me and give me a chance to have Sarah back… I badly need this second chance…

-- You've had so many chances already and you blew it. You don't deserve Sarah... and I will do everything in my power to let her stay away from you. I'm sorry but I'm not allowing you to hurt her again, the way you did when you cheated on her... several times! SHAME. Eat shit you jerk!

There. I'm ok now. I hate assholes.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

5:30 and tipsy

Just got home from a drinking session with Carlo, Ram and Kuya Roui. Imagine my horror to see the front door open -- then it hit me, sunrise service. Oh fuck. Kuya and I sneaked into the house quietly, but our eyes widened when we saw my Uncle sitting on the couch. Kuya was able to mutter, "Hi Lolo," and dashed to the room, leaving me in the sala. I simply smiled at him, and left immediately, hoping I could get to the room fast enough not to encounter my parents (who were preparing for the service inside their room.) Otherwise I'd have to lie, and stay as far from them as possible -- I smelled of 3 Tanduay flats and a pack of yosi. Yikes.

When I got into the room, Kuya (who was STINKIN drunk by the way) was sprawled on the bed - I locked the door and stayed inside my sister's closet. Swear. When I heard the car leave, I turned on the computer and typed this thing away.

It's been a while since I've been to Carlo's house. It's surely a notorious place for, uhm... let's say, misdeeds and odd connections. Tonight was no different. I'll spare you the details, don't worry. But I did have fun... It reminded me of the old times. But this time it was BETTER. The company was a lot better, perhaps? I don't know. Maybe.

Just wishing the rest of my Founders Celeb experience could be as fun as this one. In the meantime, I have to sleep. And think of a good explanation for my parents.

Good morning!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Do forgive me for the long absence. I would've wanted to blog about a lot of things, but somehow, I got too lazy to write anything down.

I should be having coffee with Bernice right now, but my phone died on me again, and I couldn't find her anywhere. I'm now at my Mom's office, I came to use her phone instead. I've been waiting for an hour, but my Mom still isn't here. I've opened and checked all the networking sites I'm in, I've bloghopped already, I've watched semi-interesting videos on youTube, but I'm still bored. I want coffee. And I want to talk to Bernice. Where is my Mom??

I recently found out that I AM evil. I guess pain and anger can bring out the worst in people. I haven't been the best person lately. And I'm not proud of it. You know, I do things without thinking of the repercussions. And in the end I realize how stupid those acts were, but I couldn't do anything about them anymore. People get hurt. I feel guilty. I run away.

Haaay. And I thought I was a good person. There goes heaven. LOL.

Last night I was the person I hate the most when partying - the kill joy. What the. And I don't even know why I was so stingy. I hope no one got annoyed with me. But if some did, I wouldn't blame them. I got annoyed with me too. Imagine interrupting my friends on the dance floor and threatening them that I was going home if we weren't going to leave the place soon. And they were having fun pa ha. But they stopped dancing and went outside with me.

And now, I'm making Bernice wait because I'm writing stupid ramblings.

I'm not too happy with myself lately. I'm hating me right now. Blegh.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another post tournament ramble

I've been having extra crappy days post VMDC. I wonder if this is just one of my usual tournament hangovers, or if the sudden jolt of reality took me by surprise - and made me realize how boring my life must've been before its temporary suspension in Ilo-Ilo. I still wake up hoping to find myself in Sarabia, and see BJ sleeping soundly on the next bed, waiting for me to tell him it's his turn to take a bath.

I'd like to think I'm not alone expriencing this bitter depression, but something tells me that it's just me who has yet to recover. It's been 4 days since VMDC"s conclusion - and unlike the other debaters who can now go back to studies and jobs they put on hold, I am left with little to do, and nothing to look forward to. Ugh. I seriously need to get a life.

I miss the adj core - Sharms and her outfits, Cyris and her funny, crazy hirits, Aids and his semi-dirty jokes (haha), BJ and his very revealing stories, and Andrew and his nogness/gayness (LOL). Of course all five of them were great - I learned a lot from them, given their experience and achievements (and age, haha). I really didn't expect them all to be so accommodating of a beginner like me. But they were. And I'm grateful. =)

I miss the debaters. I loved looking at their expressions when match ups were flashed, when motions were released. You could almost feel the rush from everyone when they disperse, to start prepping with their teammates and recalling who compose the teams they were up against. The convening room would be noisier than ever, and the adjudicators would stay behind to wait for room assignments. And the adj core would share a laugh or two before heading to the debate rooms.

I miss adjing. I had a blast
seeing the new blood in action and listening to solid speeches from already established debaters. Having to give wins and losses was difficult, but I gladly took on the challenge and tried to perfect my oral adjudication. Although it was torture, I waited for the adj feedback forms, hoping I didn't disappoint anyone enough to give me less than a 3.

I miss cheering people on - especially the Silliman teams.

I miss the bonding moments - the games we played, the beers and non-alcoholic cocktails (haha) we drank, the places we went to, and the stories we shared.

Gahhhd. I miss everything about that tournament. How I wish I could go back to Ilo-Ilo easily and still see everyone there. People leaving one by one the morning after the Championship night was really hard to swallow. That was when it dawned on me that it was all over.

Clyde and I were supposed to stay another night, but changed our minds. Now I have to wait months before the next complete debate experience.

Ugh, I have to go back to sulking now. =(

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tale of a heartbreak

I didn't catch his name. I barely remember his face. But I know exactly how he made me feel.

Falling for him seemed unlikely, I would not have given him a second glance had he not noticed me first. But when we started talking, there was something in his eyes, in his voice, in how he smiled at me - that drew me inexplicably to him.

It was crazy - I didn't even know if he was smart, if he was cultured, if he liked novels and poetry, which I normally would like to know about a guy. But no, it was like he was already perfect in every way, I needn't know more than the fact that he wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him.

Soon, we were meeting secretly - in places I couldn't seem to remember. They never mattered anyway, everything else drowned in his presence. I could not recall anything else except the way I felt when he held me close. Soon, feelings I never thought I'd feel, consumed me - security, peace, love.

His kisses were the most tender ones I've had, and I would kiss him back passionately, determined to let him know how much he means to me. To make him feel that for the first time in my life, I'm willing to entrust my heart to someone, to share with someone else, all of me.

I was in ecstasy - no, I was in heaven.

The next events were blurry. And just like that, everything stopped. He was in front of me, looking into my eyes. It didn't take me long to realize he wasn't his usual self. His eyes were full of sadness, I could swear they were almost watery - it gleamed dramatically under the moonlight. Although he was talking with the gentlest voice, I felt the pang of every word. My chest tightened, I could no longer stop myself from crying. And looking down at where my heart used to be, I knew I was never going to be whole again.

And then he hugged me. I closed my eyes and made the most out of his warm embrace. This would be the last time I would see him, I told myself. And perhaps the last time I will ever allow anyone to be this close, and mean this much to me.

... I wake up with the heaviest feeling. I grab my phone to find out what time it is. And then I lie on my back, still as could be... staring at the ceiling for the longest time.

My fear has finally given me a glimpse of what could be. Even in my subconscious, it seemed so real. And now I'm not exactly sure how I feel.

Sigh. In the most vivid of dreams, my heart was broken for the first time. :'(

Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Saturday

I woke up extra early last Saturday - to avoid getting my head cut off by Kristi... and to help train High School students how to debate. The iSpeak seminar was rather fun, even if we overestimated the number of participants. Plus, I got to debate with a microphone again... and our team won. Woohoo.

After the seminar, since we had so much food left (courtesy of Mark who cooked everything from the pansit, to the rice, to the cookies), we decided to give them out at the boulevard. *WARM TINGLY FEELING* No seriously, it was really nice.

At 7 o'clock, I picked Kristi up from STED's to go to Jian's (21st?) birthday party. Gawd, I ate A LOT. And since I didn't really get to take any pictures (because I was busy devouring all the Leche Flan I could get my hands on - partly coz I was looking for the one Mark made and boasted about), I stole one from Jordan. Hehehe.

And after the party, I went directly to Jaimee's place (which was about 100 meters away from Jian's house) for a little bit of High School barkada reunion overnight TACO party. We prepared all the ingredients and ate our homemade tacos happily at Jaimee's terracem - remembering High School memories and talking about anything and everything under the sun (er, moon).


I told myself long ago that I know I made it in debate when I finally get to be on any adjudication core. And guess what? I just received the news -- I'm now part of the Adj Core for the Visayas Mindanao Debate Championship in Ilo-Ilo! We (Noel, Kristi, Clyde, Micah, Thery, Jonathan and I) are leaving in three days. Can't wait to finally adjudicate in a tournament... I hope Silliman wins the Cup this year! =)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What the f*ck have you been doing lately?

With a couple bags of chips, fries and ketchup (which later found its way to Marianne's shirt), we hurried to catch the first full show of 'Wanted' at Ultravision Movie Theatre just this afternoon.

After watching Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy do the coolest way to shoot a gun, all I can say is... Whoa. I want to be an assassin too! \(T-T)/ and... I'm convinced that Angelina is a goddess.

Since I'm not really much of a movie buff and I sure as hell don't know how to write a decent review, I won't say much. Just watch it and see for yourselves.

And a bit of a tip: given that movie theatres here in Dumaguete are extra crappy and that movies are always shown later than other cities (which really annoys me), it's always best to be in the company of fun people -- watching it with Marianne and Jordan made the experience complete. forgive the title of this entry. It's part of the film. =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I miss hanging out with you.

I miss our talks.

I miss you.

Finally I don't have to avoid people who keep asking me why they haven't seen you and I together anymore.

You have no idea how relieved I am now. Thank God we're ok.

Here's to friendship and to you!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Maia is back! Woohoo!

The prettiest rocker chick is back from Guam for a vacation. I missed her so much! I remember our jamming sessions back in High School - which included composing songs, shouting to sad lyrics, and waking up the neighbors at 2 am in the morning. I can't wait to tell her how far I've come playing the guitar. Haha.

Here's something I wrote 3 years ago about missing her:

Maia's home was only a few steps from mine - and I used that to my advantage. I constantly showed up at her doorstep when I found nothing worth watching on TV, when I lost interest in a book I'm almost through reading, and when I just felt like talking to someone I knew would understand my messy personality. Maia was that someone. And she never failed to open the door, flash me a smile, and ask me to come in.

A few years back, I remember seeing her differently. I was a new student then, and the moment I saw her and her posse, I regarded her as one of those popular boy-magnets who never bother to associate with people like me. The whole half-American, half-Filipino look definitely worked for her...she was the prettiest girl in class. Everybody liked her...I liked her. I recall her wearing this amazing purple dress to a party once. She was like a doll and all eyes were on her. I loved that dress. And I loved purple since.

Maia was the girl everyone wanted to be. And I would be on top of the 'everyone list'.

Not once, did it cross my mind that she'd be one of the closest people to my heart right now. I mean, I thought we were too different to be friends. I thought she was too great compared to me. Well...that's before I found out that she wasn't the person I thought she was. She wasn't a doll, she wasn't a princess... She was real. And she liked me too.

Our friendship started from there. We weren't too unlike as I perceived. She was, as a matter of fact, very similar to me. We both liked writing (we were in the Stones and Pebbles, our Elementary publication), we liked talking about monsters, we liked stickers and we liked magical creatures and fantasy stories.

In High School, we discovered more things together. 'Boys' was one of our more favorite topics back then. We always found the same boys cute. Sports, she was a soccer player, and I was baller. But we’d still talk about the 2 sports as if they were the same thing. Before, I only listened to hiphop and R&B music, but she introduced me to different types of music. Alternative was our favorite of all, the songs fit our personalities…we could emote all day. Maia was really smart too. We’d talk about current events and share our opinions like we knew everything. We’d have food trips, but then we always ended up eating at her place instead…since her mom was a killer cook. We grew closer and closer everyday. She was one of my best friends.

When I was at their house, we would stay up until 2 am in the morning just jamming and singing. We would compose crazy songs about the things that piss us off, the people we currently hate and the boys who we found shallow. We would laugh at the funny looking people who would pass by, watch corny TV shows and criticize every character (though we still watch them anyway) and have movie marathons on nonsense movies that we laugh our heads off to. Haha! Those were the days...

Then, she had to leave. Her Mom was invited to teach in the University of Guam and she had to come with. She never wanted to go, but she knew she had no choice. I had no choice either. As much as I wanted her to stay, I couldn't do anything but watch her pack and go.

But then the most painful thing I had to go through was seeing her plane take off...I didn't know when she'd come back, or if I'll see her again. I cried buckets of tears that day. I'm sure she did too.

I'm still waiting for her to come back - no matter how long it takes. And when I see her, I'll hug her so tight and tell her everything she's missed. Then, we'll sing, and compose, and hang out she was never gone.

I can't wait to hang out with Maia again -- share a couple of laughs (she's so funny, swear), a couple of beers. **flashback: when we get stinking drunk in High School, Maia would take care of us - being the only one who didn't want to get wasted. **

But maybe this time, coffee would be more apt. We have lots to talk about. I have lots to tell her. =)

Friday, July 18, 2008

I look like crap, I feel like crap, I must be crap.

I woke up this morning with the worst hangover ever – last night's 'T-Way all the way' party flashed in my head and I found myself cursing at myself and regretting all the shots I drank. All of a sudden, our (Josanne and mine) brilliant plan didn't seem so brilliant anymore. Well, at least not the morning after.

I went to the bathroom and finished what was left of last night's group vomit-fest. My world spun like hell so I figured a long, LONG bath should be able to bring me back to my senses. I went back to bed, my head still throbbing - it almost made me cry. I would've wanted to fix myself a cup of coffee, but I was too scared to get up and end up going straight to the bathroom to throw up again. Gawsh.

The only good thing that came out of last night's reckless drinking (and driving, don't ask) was someone finally did what she should've done days ago. I'm really no good with sustaining anger, I realize.

(exchange of text messages)

A: How are you? (last night)

C: (replied this morning) I've been better. How bout you?

A: I'm fine. Been out a lot lately. You sound down. Are you ok?

C: Yup, I am. Been out a lot also. Am ok. I'll just see you tonight if ever you're going.

A: Ok. Missing you... :)

C: Same here. ü

A: (thinking...) I'm sorry.

C: You don't have to apologise. I understand. And it's mainly my fault anyway.

A: Don't know, I just felt the need to. I guess I've been too hard on you. I, of all people should understand what you're going through. I'm sorry.

C: We'll just talk later, ok? Don't think much about it. I expected that to happen. I know you have your limitations as well, which is why I gave you space.

A: Ya, ok...

I still felt like crap (damn hang over), but at least I found a reason to smile. And just like that, it seemed everything was going to get better. Sigh.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

of alphabets and afternoon coffee

Yesterday afternoon, Aiken (out of nowhere) decided to treat Jordan and I for coffee. We didn't believe it at first, but when he told us to get our asses up and keep our laptops while he goes to the atm machine nearby to withdraw, we believed him. We went to Cafe Mamia after Aiken bought a pack of cigarettes and we indulged in our beverages and funny conversations about blogging, my maid who was apparently getting a lot of action, and a hot, conceited guy who lost all his pogi points when he pronounced Shakey's as 'sheekehs'.

After a while, two of our friends (who shall remain unnamed, haha) entered the cafe, one of whom was a former crush of mine. I immediately sat up, hoping against hope that I didn't look sloppy while they ordered inside. Fortunately enough, they sat beside our table and I nonchalantly ignored them, pretending to be so engaged in a conversation while thinking of a topic I could open up to my crush when I finally turn to 'recognize' his presence.

I ended up talking to him about his younger brother who was a close friend of mine, unknowingly spilling out a secret of his. Uh-oh. Oh well. At least I had a decent conversation with him. :D He's so hot.


Which leads me to this: I hate gays. I mean, I love gays but I hate them. Why do all intelligent, good-looking and cultured guys I know (and end up having a crush on) have to be gay? Oh yes, I'm a fag hag.

I can name 20 guys at the top of my head I had the hots for who have the hots for other men. Dammit. So, I end up being friends with them (which is the best I could hope for, apparently) and now I'm surrounded by former crushes who are now my best gay-pals.

Meet Mr. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I.

Mr. A is one of my closest pals. His ex, Mr. B is so handsome it KILLS me. Mr. B also had a past with Mr. C whose housemate, Mr. D, I have a huge crush on. Mr. D is now involved with Mr. E whose ex, Mr. F is now going out with Mr. G, whose friend Mr. H is having an affair with my ultimate dream guy, Mr. I.

Is your brain aching yet? Oh well, whatever – I have no plans of telling you who these people are anyway. And if you're planning on guessing, don't. Haha. Basta they're all happy and gay. You get my point, right?

It was an average afternoon, with good company and full of serious and crazy realizations.

....... By the way, to you, why aren't you texting me?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2 musical celebrations!

Guess who's coming to Manila again?

Alicia Keys, undoubtedly one of the best singers of my generation will be performing for her Filipino fans at the big dome on August 5 as part of her "As I Am" tour. I absolutely love her new album, my favorite tracks being 'Lesson Learned' and 'No One'. I hope I get to snag a ticket, huhuhuhu. I cannot miss this concert.

Guess who's reuniting for a concert?

GAWD!!! I can't believe it's actually going to happen! ERASERHEADS, arguably the best Pinoy band of the 90's (and one of the best bands of ALL time) are coming back! Well, at least for one night. The buzz about the reunion concert has been circulating for months, and members of the band have dropped clues that made fans anticipate the exciting news.

Finally in the E-heads yahoo group, this message has put an end to speculations and has everyone counting down the days til the special night:

Yes it’s true. It’s been in the works for several months. Marlboro is sponsoring this concert and paid each of the members a staggering P10M each to do a full 45-minute set. This is the official announcement:

“No more blind items my dear friends. Yes. We are confirming it. There is no point denying: August 30, 2008 will be LEGENDARY!!! The country’s most influential band ever will be reunited for ONE NIGHT ONLY. This once in a lifetime experience will be staged at the CCP opengrounds. Tickets are free and you can download it early August. Website to be announced.


I can't wait to jam to Huling El Bimbo, Pare Ko and Alapaap! This concert must not be missed! =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

an emo entry

It's raining again and I'm all emo - listening to my rainy day playlist while lying on the bed, eyes shut. I grumble a bit, if my plans were just followed, I would be in Manila by now, partying with my cousin or chatting with my friends in Starbucks. Instead, I'm stuck here - with nothing to do, and nowhere to go. I need my getaway vacation, dammit. That's it, I'm having a chat with my Mom tonight... she has to let me go.

Now I'm mulling over a relationship I'm not even a part of. Gawd, I can't believe I allowed myself to be in too deep. And now that things aren't going as smoothly as I would've hoped it would, I find myself stressed, exhausted, and yes, a bit pissed. I treasure friendships so much (which is why I got into this situation in the first place) but it's about time to live my life sans the complications of other people's problems. I think I've had enough.

Have you met ever met a manipulative, devious, scheming bitch who has the power make your life miserable just by being so darn evil? I have. I thought I can handle her, but now, I'm scared. I've seen what she can do... and I never thought anyone could be so... bad. Pray for me. I think she's out to get me.

I'm missing a lot of people.

I miss Maia. I miss her older brother-slash-musician I have a huge crush on, I miss her Mom who makes the best pancakes in the world. And I miss her and our jamming sessions which don't end til dawn. I miss her temper, I miss her jokes. I heard she was going home this month. I can't wait.

I have to finish this entry. My Dad's interrogating me about his missing slippers. That's that. =)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

fun, fun! =)

Guess who's hammering away, trying to install a lock in her room? If you've read my previous post, then you know exactly who - and would probably laugh hard with me. A little update though, I've caught them yet again, this time though, no nudity was involved (thank God). I just saw the guy again, hiding behind the door, looking all stupid. Like he really believed I wasn't going to see him? Gosh - it's not like I enjoy being a witness to their dirty deeds. I AM glad a working lock is being installed.

Anyway, yesterday, I finally got to use my newly found power over our maid. You see, I went home at 5 in the morning after drinking the night away with Marianne, Jordan, Marcus and Pong. And when she answered the door, I told her, "If my Mom or Dad asks, I went home at 1 am, ok?" and then she replied, "O, sure," sounding a bit pleased (maybe she thought now, we're even.) Ya, right. Not even close, dear.

My Thursday was really fun. Rarely do I meet people who inspire me so much that they make me itch to do something - like solve poverty, or parade around the city in a rainbow colored outfit, or even want to run for public office in the future. Haha. Meet the Young Turks who made Silliman their first stop in their University tour.

Atty. Adel Tamano, Prof. Danton Remoto, Gilbert Remulla and Cong. Erin Tañada spoke about politics, economics and other issues that plague the nation. Sillimanians were given the opportunity to listen, ask questions and converse with these brilliant minds - it gave me goosebumps to just be in their presence. I was lucky (and confident, huwaw) enough to have been able to ask two questions - one about the Anti-Discrimination Bill for gays, lesbians and transsexuals, and one about advocacies and involving the grassroots.

More than that, I was able to have a little chat with Atty. Tamano before the Biz Ad forum, where I told him about apathy in Silliman and got to joke around with him about his age. =) That night, Jordan and I ran to the Univ house to have our pictures taken with the four. If you ask me, the run was worth it. ^_^

At around 9 pm, Jordan, Marianne and I met up with Marcus for free booze (hurrah!) where we chatted, took pictures and just hung out with each other. Pong joined in on the fun, and before we knew it, we found ourselves stalking the politicians, running away from Coco Grande after Pong shouted "Adel!," bringing an unconscious Jordan home, discovering the wonders of Potato Pogs at Qyosko, staring at Haunted Houses, and waiting for the sun to rise for the sake of Marianne's photography class. Unfortunately, Marianne's pictures were mysteriously overexposed. Tsk. Tsk. Well, at least it was fun. =)

I moved!

I got tired of my other blog. I don't know why... haha. Which is why I decided to move! So if I'm one of your links, do change my url. =) Thanks much! Keep blogging!

Monday, July 7, 2008

next time, lock the freakin door!

The craziest thing just happened. As in 30 minutes ago.

I walked in on our maid and some unknown guy. They were DOING IT.

It all started when these guys my Mom hired to fix the plumbing in the kitchen arrived and knocked on the door. I was in Romina's room watching TV, and I was pretty sure that my Mom or my Dad gave the maid instructions as to what to tell the plumbers, so I ignored the knocking, thinking that she'll answer the door anyway.

But then the plumbers started saying "Ayo" out loud and nobody answered, I started wondering where the hell the maid was. So I came out of Romina's room, (swore I heard a gasp of some sort), and opened our maid's room.

I saw her become frantic as she looked into my eyes, immediately covering her lower body with a blanket (thank God she was wearing a shirt) and after a second, I shifted my gaze to this topless guy lying on the bed, looking all exhausted (and surprised) trying to be as still as possible - probably hoping I won't notice his presence. Uh, ya right.

Not knowing what to do, I immediately decided to act all cool and do exactly what I came there for.

"Day, naa'y tawo sa gawas." (and apparently inside too...)
"Oo, time sa," was her only response.

Without changing the expression on my face, I closed the door, mouthed the words, "Oh my God" and went directly back to my sister's room where I spent around a minute laughing silently.

It was a good thing it wasn't my Dad who walked in on them.
And... at least I didn't actually see the DEED, just the shuffling and the shocked looks on their faces, which... pretty much amused me. Haha.
But good Lord, I hope I won't get to see anything like that again.

I have a feeling someone's going to be so much nicer to me now... *wink* =)