Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Saturday

I woke up extra early last Saturday - to avoid getting my head cut off by Kristi... and to help train High School students how to debate. The iSpeak seminar was rather fun, even if we overestimated the number of participants. Plus, I got to debate with a microphone again... and our team won. Woohoo.

After the seminar, since we had so much food left (courtesy of Mark who cooked everything from the pansit, to the rice, to the cookies), we decided to give them out at the boulevard. *WARM TINGLY FEELING* No seriously, it was really nice.

At 7 o'clock, I picked Kristi up from STED's to go to Jian's (21st?) birthday party. Gawd, I ate A LOT. And since I didn't really get to take any pictures (because I was busy devouring all the Leche Flan I could get my hands on - partly coz I was looking for the one Mark made and boasted about), I stole one from Jordan. Hehehe.

And after the party, I went directly to Jaimee's place (which was about 100 meters away from Jian's house) for a little bit of High School barkada reunion overnight TACO party. We prepared all the ingredients and ate our homemade tacos happily at Jaimee's terracem - remembering High School memories and talking about anything and everything under the sun (er, moon).


I told myself long ago that I know I made it in debate when I finally get to be on any adjudication core. And guess what? I just received the news -- I'm now part of the Adj Core for the Visayas Mindanao Debate Championship in Ilo-Ilo! We (Noel, Kristi, Clyde, Micah, Thery, Jonathan and I) are leaving in three days. Can't wait to finally adjudicate in a tournament... I hope Silliman wins the Cup this year! =)

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f. jordan said...

hmmm... stole from me ha? tsk tsk.