Thursday, July 17, 2008

of alphabets and afternoon coffee

Yesterday afternoon, Aiken (out of nowhere) decided to treat Jordan and I for coffee. We didn't believe it at first, but when he told us to get our asses up and keep our laptops while he goes to the atm machine nearby to withdraw, we believed him. We went to Cafe Mamia after Aiken bought a pack of cigarettes and we indulged in our beverages and funny conversations about blogging, my maid who was apparently getting a lot of action, and a hot, conceited guy who lost all his pogi points when he pronounced Shakey's as 'sheekehs'.

After a while, two of our friends (who shall remain unnamed, haha) entered the cafe, one of whom was a former crush of mine. I immediately sat up, hoping against hope that I didn't look sloppy while they ordered inside. Fortunately enough, they sat beside our table and I nonchalantly ignored them, pretending to be so engaged in a conversation while thinking of a topic I could open up to my crush when I finally turn to 'recognize' his presence.

I ended up talking to him about his younger brother who was a close friend of mine, unknowingly spilling out a secret of his. Uh-oh. Oh well. At least I had a decent conversation with him. :D He's so hot.


Which leads me to this: I hate gays. I mean, I love gays but I hate them. Why do all intelligent, good-looking and cultured guys I know (and end up having a crush on) have to be gay? Oh yes, I'm a fag hag.

I can name 20 guys at the top of my head I had the hots for who have the hots for other men. Dammit. So, I end up being friends with them (which is the best I could hope for, apparently) and now I'm surrounded by former crushes who are now my best gay-pals.

Meet Mr. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I.

Mr. A is one of my closest pals. His ex, Mr. B is so handsome it KILLS me. Mr. B also had a past with Mr. C whose housemate, Mr. D, I have a huge crush on. Mr. D is now involved with Mr. E whose ex, Mr. F is now going out with Mr. G, whose friend Mr. H is having an affair with my ultimate dream guy, Mr. I.

Is your brain aching yet? Oh well, whatever – I have no plans of telling you who these people are anyway. And if you're planning on guessing, don't. Haha. Basta they're all happy and gay. You get my point, right?

It was an average afternoon, with good company and full of serious and crazy realizations.

....... By the way, to you, why aren't you texting me?


bitchvarsity said...

Guess what, I'm bisexual. =)Had you seen my ex-girlfriend, magwild jud ka. hehehe

anna katrina said...

seriously? cool. karun pa ko, hehehehe. now we have lots to talk about in Ilo-Ilo. Haha. ^_^ Can't wait to see you there!

anna katrina said...

@ marianne: I'm really sorry I can't publish your comment. It's too... revealing. haha. I still love you though. =)

f. jordan said...

Haha... kawawang Marianne. Well, I don't need any thinking chair to decode this. ;)

anna katrina said...

haha. naa man kay wala nailhan jord... =)

bitchvarsity said...

...because according to Hannah Montana Madamme Chair, "mix it altogether and you know that it's the best of both worlds!" Hahaha! =)

i guess, (deep breath) you should try liking women instead. *wink wink*

anna katrina said...

oh gosh - you're not the first person to say that. And you know what... I'm seriously considering it. Hahahaha. Just kidding. Let's see... LOL.

Aiken said...

hola! it's marian's turn to libre next time kay wala iya.. umm... dayon makakita napud tag gays. hehehe

michelle said...

Hahahaha, this is funny. seriously anna? And almost all of them are related too! This is taking fag hag to the next level. Napildi na nimo Marianne=D

anna katrina said...

@aiken: sige go! hahaha. And then mu-clap ra jud ta sa corner. :D

anna katrina said...

@Mich: haha. I was even hesitating on writing everyone I know... LOL. This fag hag thing is scaring me na. Jordan gave me advice last night gani. He told me that the best way to stop is to find me a 'barumbado' guy, as opposed to the 'intelligent and cultured' ones who always turn out gay. Uhm... I don't think so. =)