Monday, July 7, 2008

next time, lock the freakin door!

The craziest thing just happened. As in 30 minutes ago.

I walked in on our maid and some unknown guy. They were DOING IT.

It all started when these guys my Mom hired to fix the plumbing in the kitchen arrived and knocked on the door. I was in Romina's room watching TV, and I was pretty sure that my Mom or my Dad gave the maid instructions as to what to tell the plumbers, so I ignored the knocking, thinking that she'll answer the door anyway.

But then the plumbers started saying "Ayo" out loud and nobody answered, I started wondering where the hell the maid was. So I came out of Romina's room, (swore I heard a gasp of some sort), and opened our maid's room.

I saw her become frantic as she looked into my eyes, immediately covering her lower body with a blanket (thank God she was wearing a shirt) and after a second, I shifted my gaze to this topless guy lying on the bed, looking all exhausted (and surprised) trying to be as still as possible - probably hoping I won't notice his presence. Uh, ya right.

Not knowing what to do, I immediately decided to act all cool and do exactly what I came there for.

"Day, naa'y tawo sa gawas." (and apparently inside too...)
"Oo, time sa," was her only response.

Without changing the expression on my face, I closed the door, mouthed the words, "Oh my God" and went directly back to my sister's room where I spent around a minute laughing silently.

It was a good thing it wasn't my Dad who walked in on them.
And... at least I didn't actually see the DEED, just the shuffling and the shocked looks on their faces, which... pretty much amused me. Haha.
But good Lord, I hope I won't get to see anything like that again.

I have a feeling someone's going to be so much nicer to me now... *wink* =)


bitchvarsity said...

this is really funny. hahaha. would you believe i read it four times? LOL. =)

anna katrina said...

haha, our maid has a very active sex life. Good for her, haha. :D