Saturday, July 12, 2008

fun, fun! =)

Guess who's hammering away, trying to install a lock in her room? If you've read my previous post, then you know exactly who - and would probably laugh hard with me. A little update though, I've caught them yet again, this time though, no nudity was involved (thank God). I just saw the guy again, hiding behind the door, looking all stupid. Like he really believed I wasn't going to see him? Gosh - it's not like I enjoy being a witness to their dirty deeds. I AM glad a working lock is being installed.

Anyway, yesterday, I finally got to use my newly found power over our maid. You see, I went home at 5 in the morning after drinking the night away with Marianne, Jordan, Marcus and Pong. And when she answered the door, I told her, "If my Mom or Dad asks, I went home at 1 am, ok?" and then she replied, "O, sure," sounding a bit pleased (maybe she thought now, we're even.) Ya, right. Not even close, dear.

My Thursday was really fun. Rarely do I meet people who inspire me so much that they make me itch to do something - like solve poverty, or parade around the city in a rainbow colored outfit, or even want to run for public office in the future. Haha. Meet the Young Turks who made Silliman their first stop in their University tour.

Atty. Adel Tamano, Prof. Danton Remoto, Gilbert Remulla and Cong. Erin TaƱada spoke about politics, economics and other issues that plague the nation. Sillimanians were given the opportunity to listen, ask questions and converse with these brilliant minds - it gave me goosebumps to just be in their presence. I was lucky (and confident, huwaw) enough to have been able to ask two questions - one about the Anti-Discrimination Bill for gays, lesbians and transsexuals, and one about advocacies and involving the grassroots.

More than that, I was able to have a little chat with Atty. Tamano before the Biz Ad forum, where I told him about apathy in Silliman and got to joke around with him about his age. =) That night, Jordan and I ran to the Univ house to have our pictures taken with the four. If you ask me, the run was worth it. ^_^

At around 9 pm, Jordan, Marianne and I met up with Marcus for free booze (hurrah!) where we chatted, took pictures and just hung out with each other. Pong joined in on the fun, and before we knew it, we found ourselves stalking the politicians, running away from Coco Grande after Pong shouted "Adel!," bringing an unconscious Jordan home, discovering the wonders of Potato Pogs at Qyosko, staring at Haunted Houses, and waiting for the sun to rise for the sake of Marianne's photography class. Unfortunately, Marianne's pictures were mysteriously overexposed. Tsk. Tsk. Well, at least it was fun. =)

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