Monday, July 21, 2008

Maia is back! Woohoo!

The prettiest rocker chick is back from Guam for a vacation. I missed her so much! I remember our jamming sessions back in High School - which included composing songs, shouting to sad lyrics, and waking up the neighbors at 2 am in the morning. I can't wait to tell her how far I've come playing the guitar. Haha.

Here's something I wrote 3 years ago about missing her:

Maia's home was only a few steps from mine - and I used that to my advantage. I constantly showed up at her doorstep when I found nothing worth watching on TV, when I lost interest in a book I'm almost through reading, and when I just felt like talking to someone I knew would understand my messy personality. Maia was that someone. And she never failed to open the door, flash me a smile, and ask me to come in.

A few years back, I remember seeing her differently. I was a new student then, and the moment I saw her and her posse, I regarded her as one of those popular boy-magnets who never bother to associate with people like me. The whole half-American, half-Filipino look definitely worked for her...she was the prettiest girl in class. Everybody liked her...I liked her. I recall her wearing this amazing purple dress to a party once. She was like a doll and all eyes were on her. I loved that dress. And I loved purple since.

Maia was the girl everyone wanted to be. And I would be on top of the 'everyone list'.

Not once, did it cross my mind that she'd be one of the closest people to my heart right now. I mean, I thought we were too different to be friends. I thought she was too great compared to me. Well...that's before I found out that she wasn't the person I thought she was. She wasn't a doll, she wasn't a princess... She was real. And she liked me too.

Our friendship started from there. We weren't too unlike as I perceived. She was, as a matter of fact, very similar to me. We both liked writing (we were in the Stones and Pebbles, our Elementary publication), we liked talking about monsters, we liked stickers and we liked magical creatures and fantasy stories.

In High School, we discovered more things together. 'Boys' was one of our more favorite topics back then. We always found the same boys cute. Sports, she was a soccer player, and I was baller. But we’d still talk about the 2 sports as if they were the same thing. Before, I only listened to hiphop and R&B music, but she introduced me to different types of music. Alternative was our favorite of all, the songs fit our personalities…we could emote all day. Maia was really smart too. We’d talk about current events and share our opinions like we knew everything. We’d have food trips, but then we always ended up eating at her place instead…since her mom was a killer cook. We grew closer and closer everyday. She was one of my best friends.

When I was at their house, we would stay up until 2 am in the morning just jamming and singing. We would compose crazy songs about the things that piss us off, the people we currently hate and the boys who we found shallow. We would laugh at the funny looking people who would pass by, watch corny TV shows and criticize every character (though we still watch them anyway) and have movie marathons on nonsense movies that we laugh our heads off to. Haha! Those were the days...

Then, she had to leave. Her Mom was invited to teach in the University of Guam and she had to come with. She never wanted to go, but she knew she had no choice. I had no choice either. As much as I wanted her to stay, I couldn't do anything but watch her pack and go.

But then the most painful thing I had to go through was seeing her plane take off...I didn't know when she'd come back, or if I'll see her again. I cried buckets of tears that day. I'm sure she did too.

I'm still waiting for her to come back - no matter how long it takes. And when I see her, I'll hug her so tight and tell her everything she's missed. Then, we'll sing, and compose, and hang out she was never gone.

I can't wait to hang out with Maia again -- share a couple of laughs (she's so funny, swear), a couple of beers. **flashback: when we get stinking drunk in High School, Maia would take care of us - being the only one who didn't want to get wasted. **

But maybe this time, coffee would be more apt. We have lots to talk about. I have lots to tell her. =)

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