Thursday, August 28, 2008

5:30 and tipsy

Just got home from a drinking session with Carlo, Ram and Kuya Roui. Imagine my horror to see the front door open -- then it hit me, sunrise service. Oh fuck. Kuya and I sneaked into the house quietly, but our eyes widened when we saw my Uncle sitting on the couch. Kuya was able to mutter, "Hi Lolo," and dashed to the room, leaving me in the sala. I simply smiled at him, and left immediately, hoping I could get to the room fast enough not to encounter my parents (who were preparing for the service inside their room.) Otherwise I'd have to lie, and stay as far from them as possible -- I smelled of 3 Tanduay flats and a pack of yosi. Yikes.

When I got into the room, Kuya (who was STINKIN drunk by the way) was sprawled on the bed - I locked the door and stayed inside my sister's closet. Swear. When I heard the car leave, I turned on the computer and typed this thing away.

It's been a while since I've been to Carlo's house. It's surely a notorious place for, uhm... let's say, misdeeds and odd connections. Tonight was no different. I'll spare you the details, don't worry. But I did have fun... It reminded me of the old times. But this time it was BETTER. The company was a lot better, perhaps? I don't know. Maybe.

Just wishing the rest of my Founders Celeb experience could be as fun as this one. In the meantime, I have to sleep. And think of a good explanation for my parents.

Good morning!

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