Saturday, August 23, 2008


Do forgive me for the long absence. I would've wanted to blog about a lot of things, but somehow, I got too lazy to write anything down.

I should be having coffee with Bernice right now, but my phone died on me again, and I couldn't find her anywhere. I'm now at my Mom's office, I came to use her phone instead. I've been waiting for an hour, but my Mom still isn't here. I've opened and checked all the networking sites I'm in, I've bloghopped already, I've watched semi-interesting videos on youTube, but I'm still bored. I want coffee. And I want to talk to Bernice. Where is my Mom??

I recently found out that I AM evil. I guess pain and anger can bring out the worst in people. I haven't been the best person lately. And I'm not proud of it. You know, I do things without thinking of the repercussions. And in the end I realize how stupid those acts were, but I couldn't do anything about them anymore. People get hurt. I feel guilty. I run away.

Haaay. And I thought I was a good person. There goes heaven. LOL.

Last night I was the person I hate the most when partying - the kill joy. What the. And I don't even know why I was so stingy. I hope no one got annoyed with me. But if some did, I wouldn't blame them. I got annoyed with me too. Imagine interrupting my friends on the dance floor and threatening them that I was going home if we weren't going to leave the place soon. And they were having fun pa ha. But they stopped dancing and went outside with me.

And now, I'm making Bernice wait because I'm writing stupid ramblings.

I'm not too happy with myself lately. I'm hating me right now. Blegh.

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