Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas bonding :)

So I've been cruel to this blog. And I feel bad about neglecting it for so long. And it's coz I really have nothing to write about. Or coz I'm just too lazy. Haha. Fine. Starting next year, I'll update this as often as I could. Not for the sake of my one or two readers, but for MY sake. I need to start writing again. Twitter is killing blogs, I tell you. And I refuse to give in to twitter.

Last night, my family decided to hang out in the spirit of Christmas. Shopping -- Movie -- Ice Cream. It was great. Especially the movie part. AVATAR is awesome. :)

And on the drive home...


Anna: I can't get over the movie, it was amazing.

Eena: It was, wasn't it? Pandora was awesome.

Papa: (While driving) So, uhm. Nak, the blue people, what are they?

Anna: They're creatures from another planet. Aliens, Pa! Were you even watching the film?

Papa: Of course! So, how did that guy become an alien?

Anna: He used an avatar. AVATAR, get it? The humans bred the avatars in the lab. And then they have this machine that connects the nerves of the their brains to the bodies of their avatars. That way, they can experience the planet as locals, too.

Papa: Oh...

Anna: You still don't get it, noh?

Papa: *laughs.*

Marionne: We wasted 91 pesos on him.

Eena: As if. You slept half of the movie.

Marionne: I dozed off a little, but only during the war scene!

Anna: That was the best part!

Papa: So in the end, the guy became an alien?

Anna: Yup.

Papa: Because of the tree with the white stuff?

Mom: Ya, that was Eywa's tree.

Papa: Eywa?

Anna: Their diety, Pa.

Eena: Like Mother Nature!

Papa: Ah...

Anna: He still doesn't get it.

Papa: I haven't watched a movie in a long time.

Anna: That's not an excuse!

Eena: The last time you watched a movie, it was the one with Dingdong and Marian in it. Remember, Ma?

Anna: Eew.

Papa: It was either that or the cartoon one!

Eena: Bolt with Hannah Montana. I mean, Miley Cyrus.

Papa: I was bored.

Anna: Still, eew.

Mom: I thought you like Dingdong?

Anna: But not Marian. And I will never watch movies like that, noh.

Eena: But didn't you want to watch 'I Love You, Goodbye'?

Anna: That's different.

Marionne: How is it different?

Anna: Excuse me, let's go back to Papa not understanding Avatar, please.



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